Virtual Classes

PCT has been running virtual classes for our members since March 2020, and have now opened up access to everyone! We offer a variety of 30-45 minute fun and challenging classes, led by our experienced staff over Zoom. These are a great way for an athlete, of any age and skill level, to stay in cheer-shape and focused on their personal development!

Since our virtual start, we’ve offered just under 20 different types of virtual classes, but here are our most popular ones:

Jump Class - This class will focus on jump drills, conditioning and stretching to help improve an athlete's jump technique.

Tumbling Classes - We offer a variety of levelled tumbling classes for athletes to maintain their tumbling skills from home and strengthen proper tumbling shapes, through exercises, drills and stretches.

Stretching Class - This class is a head to toe stretch out, where athletes will increase their range of motion and flexibility.

Conditioning Class - This workout is a fast paced class that pushes your limits, to get you feeling healthier and stronger.

Basing Class - This class incorporates using Stunt Buddy, weights, bands and more, to simulate stunting. The focus is on key shapes, postures, and grips, to reinforce good habits.

If you are interested in participating in the PCT Virtual Program please click the button below!

Virtual Private Lessons

The goal of our at-home virtual 45-minute lessons is to maintain the athlete’s skill level through conditioning, shaping exercises, and basic tumbling skills. During this 1-on-1 lesson, your athlete can work on anything related to cheerleading like tumbling, jumping, flexibility, top positions, etc.

Virtual Recreational Cheer

Want to try cheerleading, but not sure where to start? This program is perfect for kids aged 4+ who are looking for a fun and dynamic sport to do from home! No experience is necessary, as your coach will teach athletes all the fundamentals of cheerleading through Zoom! Athletes will learn how to jump, dance, stunt and tumble through exercises, games and drills.