Specialty Programs

Jump & Stretch Class

This class is ideal for any athlete who is looking to improve their jump technique, and overall flexibility & strength. Athletes will focus on conditioning, stretching and jump drills to help improve their height and flexibility. . Contact Us.

Flyer Stretch Classes
Join us each week as we work on the key fundamentals to being a successful top! It is a combination of strength, flexibility and balance. Each week this hour long class spends time on core strengthening, body weight exercises, active flexibility, static and partner stretching, proper body position technique and balance training. Athletes will leave the class with a group of exercises that can be done at home as well.

The curriculum is a great way for athletes of any role on a team to increase their strength, range of motion and improve in all areas of our sport. This class is offered all season long. Contact Us.

The Academy
The Academy is a program whose time has come. A full mind/body program that takes your all-star experience to the next level. Meant only for the most dedicated young athletes – Academy training matches your child with a program manager that creates and individual training regimen, who monitors progress, and adjusts as needed. This is a 360 degree program – with athletes having access to physical trainers, nutritionist, performance coaches PLUS a consistent weekly private lesson (power program) and unlimited weekly group tumbling classes, jump class, stretch class PLUS month seminars and specialty camps. Its a 12 month program that is exclusive to PCT. Contact Us.

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