PCT is a world-class training facility that specializes in teaching young women and men life lessons through the sport of cheerleading. Life lessons such as: how to be confident and capable, work ethic, sportsmanship, community service, teamwork, trust, listening skills, time management, goal setting, winning and losing with grace, and so much more. Our families are raving fans about our program because of the benefits they see week-in and week out at PCT.

“        My daughter is so proud to tell people she Cheers at PCT. The best decision she made was to try out at the gym in May of 2016. The Coaches are amazing, always embracing the individuality and skills of the athletes, giving them just the right amount of push they need to improve as an athlete which in turn improves the teams as a whole. The gym fosters teamwork, hard work, and trusting you can do it! I love watching the energy of the Coaches on the sidelines as much as the athletes performing on the mat at a competition. It shows they believe in their teams and they are proud of their hard work. Thank you PCT… daughter is always looking forward to the next practice so she can work with her wonderful coaches and teammates.”

We’ve got an All-Star team for everybody! New to cheer, new to PCT or a 10-year veteran, if YOU have the desire, and the work ethic then we’ve got the PERFECT team for you.

People choose PCT for a variety of reasons: our incredible facility that allows us to comfortably have multiple teams training. Or knowing that your child is being put on a path to reach their fullest potential – we’ve got the perfect team for your child this season AND for next season. With teams at every single level and age division, you know your child will be perfectly placed with an eye to their future development.

You’ve got big dreams for your child? We do too. Seeing every athlete progress under the tutelage of our amazing staff and world-class training program is the reason we exist!

        So how do you become part of the PCT All Star Program?

Although our Team Placements are now complete, we do have limited spots on our All-Star and All-Star Prep teams. If you are looking to see if there is a spot for you, please email -

All Star Cheerleading

All Star Novice is THE PERFECT introduction into the exciting world of All Star Cheerleading!

Do you know someone who wants to be introduced to the sport of all star cheerleading? PCT’s All Star Novice program is a great stepping stone to the sport of all star cheer and is perfect for any age or level. Our program provides athletes an opportunity to participate on a  cheerleading team, at an affordable price. Athletes will get the chance to showcase their routine at  three events locally and be evaluated on the Cheer Canada score system. More importantly, they will get to see what being part of the PCT Family is all about!

There are NO TRYOUTS, simply register for the team. Each team will practice once a week.

All Star Novice Cheer